Sandblasting Sand

I have been writing a blog about sandblasting and including lots and lots of information in it so that all those who are new to it can gain more knowledge and may someday become good sandblasters. Recently I added an article regarding sandblasting sand. In that article I have explained in great details about how to choose appropriate sandblasting sand for your sandblasting project, how are the abrasive sands classified and what are their basic types.

Choosing right type of sand is the most important task because if you choose harder media than required, you are going to damage the material or the surface being sandblasted and on the contrary if you choose to soft a medium for blasting then you are going to do no good in removing paint or rust or preparing the surface in any respect.

There are a lot of other considerations that must be kept under view. Here is the link to the article I wrote:

I suggest that you go through the article completely and suggest me more things that I should be adding to it in order to make the article more detailed and useful for the audience and the readers coming over to my site.

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(Source:, via thefitlesbian)